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Gregg and Angela Morgan have been working in the home industry for over 17 years. Their journey began in sales and home construction, but 8 years ago they started moisture and mold consultant inspections.

Gregg is originally from Harrisburg, PA and attended college at the University of South Carolina. Angela is from LaGrange, TX and attended Sam Houston State University. Before starting inspections, Gregg was a licensed builder with the State of Texas, specializing in home construction and remediation.

Angela was a licensed Texas real estate agent, with a focus on residential real estate and property management. Gregg obtained his license from the Texas Department of State and Health to assess mold in 2014 and is now a consultant in moisture and mold inspections. With over 6,000 inspections completed and a vast knowledge of the industry, Gregg and Angela created Lone Star Stucco, LLC.

Gregg and Angela currently split their time between their home in Houston, TX and Savannah, GA. They have two beautiful children. Carter is a 21-year old college senior football player and Mollie is a thriving 12-year old that enjoys cooking and volleyball. Gregg and Angela have prided themselves on building a wonderful team with construction, inspection, and real estate backgrounds. Their goal is to deliver an outstanding product at an honest price. Their entire team looks forward to helping their neighbors in Houston and the surrounding areas for years to come.


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We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding product at an honest price and look forward to helping our neighbors in Houston and the surrounding areas for years to come.

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Frequently asked questions

All we do is stucco! We are a small business mom and pop shop that has our hands in everything our team does. My wife and I work hand and hand with the great team we have put together that have building and real estate backgrounds. We want to treat every home as if it was our own. Our core value is for our customers to want to use us again and tell their friends and family about us. We hope they walk away from our inspection informed feeling we have done our best.

Our team specializes in stucco, it’s all we do. We are licensed by the great State of Texas and hold EDI Certifications. Many home inspectors provide stucco as an “add on” or “part of a package”. We at Lone Star Stucco believe that your stucco should never be a second thought. With all our years of experience call us when only an expert will do.

Absolutely not in my opinion it is unethical. There are some companies that have a “Sister Company”. So your hiring an inspection company to assess your home and give you the items that need to be addressed, if your letting them do both the inspection and the repair where are the checks and balances. Who is looking out for the homeowner?

Our prices are based on the home’s square footage, number of stories, balconies, roof top terraces, and over all amount of stucco on a home.  For example, a 3,400 sq ft 4-story townhome with a roof top terrace will be much more expensive than a 3,400 sq ft 2-story home with no balconies.  We always try to do what is fair for the client. 

Just as you agent is your advocate so are we. Our hope is to put a different spin on the stucco inspection process making sure you get the best inspection possible. We begin the inspection process by doing a visual inspection with photo documentation. From this point we determine the appropriate areas to test the home. All this data is combined to produce a report that will allow the client to understand not only what the results of the inspection produced but also how to repair or maintain it.


The first thing we do on a stucco inspection is visual assess of the installation methods of the doors, windows, penetrations, balcony and roof flashings. We walk to house taking elevation and close up photos documenting what we are finding whether that improper or proper details.


Once all the visual assessment is done, we begin the invasive assessment, this is when we test the areas of improper installation or visual concern. We drill past the stucco veneer to access the wood substrate and framing. We are doing two things, first what is the moisture level of the substrate. Secondly what is most important to me is the substrate condition? You have several different substrate conditions including firm, semi-firm, semi-soft, soft and nonexistent.

Ideally, we want the substrate to be firm. If this substrate is semi-soft, soft or nonexistent that means the moisture has been there long enough to deteriorate the wood allowing for wood rot and the possibility of mold. When we see this on a home we always tell the client that we suggest getting a stucco contractor to further investigate these areas and repair them as needed in an effort to prevent more damage.


The inspection will give you what we saw, what the test concluded, and what we think the best steps to maintaining or repairing your home are.

The probe holes are less than a ¼ in diameter and each probe location there will be two holes that look like a snake bite. Our goal is that nobody will even know where we went except for where we indicate the location on the report. Once we are done, we fill the locations and touch up and blend back. Additionally, if paint is provided, we will cover up as new.






First off there is a huge misconception about stucco, it’s an amazing product. With any house it’s all about the building practice and how the installation of the stucco is done.


Houston has different types of stucco homes from the 2-story standard that we see in West University to the 3 and 4 story homes in the Washington Quarter.


No matter the price range it all comes down to the quality of all trades during the building process. So, to answer question yes, most homes are built correctly. We inspect your stucco, so you know for sure that your home or the one you are purchasing is correct. If it isn’t we help you understand what you need to do to fix it.


It always goes back to the construction method. If the home was constructed properly, and functions as intended, meaning the stucco has the proper drainage, it’s not sitting in the soil, it terminates correctly. If it has all of this, we consider it in good shape. We may still find that the home has a small issue or has not been maintained but the bones are good. You are always going to have some moisture in your stucco in Houston, what we want to make sure is that you have the proper tools and understanding to bring you home back to the condition it should be in and maintain that. Maintenance is key with a stucco home just like any home.

Absolutely not every house needs basic maintenance. You just hear more about stucco maintenance than other homes.   We tell all our clients to maintain their investment! What does that mean?  Get your stucco home inspected, make sure that you are using a qualified waterproofing contractor for your repairs and to maintain all sealants on your home. You maintain your vehicles, correct? Maintain your home, this is true of every home whether it be stucco, brick, stone or Hardie siding. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.

We tell our clients, once we have inspected your home initially make sure the company to you decide to do repairs only does stucco.  We pride ourselves on saying stucco inspections is all we do, meaning it isn’t an add on it’s what we specialize in, we think your stucco waterproofing contractor should be the same way.  Most above-board stucco companies’ now warranty their work for a minimum of two years.  There are even several are now providing extended warranties on their work.  We believe that you should call us out to at least do a visual inspection with invasive testing, if necessary, before your warranty is up, that way you can have anything fixed under warranty if there is an issue.  If you are not under warranty, we still recommend an inspection on your home every several years to make sure it is functioning as intended. 

The best thing I can say to a client is make sure if you see something going on you don’t wait and, you get it fixed correctly.  What do I mean by that?  If you see the sun is hitting a side of your home causing the sealants around your windows and doors to deteriorate, have it sealed by a professional.  If you see that your lawn service has but your soil, or mulch all the way up to your stucco ask them to move it back providing clearance.  Water stains, rust stains, cracks, these all can happen and don’t mean something bad is going on just make sure you have it checked.  You want your stucco done by a professional and maintained by a professional. 

Showing up after someone has hired an inspection company that was not focused on stucco and did not provide them the best inspection possible or a contractor that didn’t specialize in stucco because they wanted to save time or save money.   It is the worst conversation speaking to a homeowner that is months into their new home and the inspector or contractor failed them. Having to  explain what the missed or did wrong and why they still have issues.  Research your inspector and your contractor and remember the saying is true, you do get what you pay for.   

That is the best question! My wife and business partner Angela purchased our dream home two years ago, and it is stucco that had never been maintained. We knew this going in and understood that once we fixed the issues, we would be fine. Nothing looks better than a well-maintained stucco home!



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